FUSS (you know, we came up with this before they came up with "gist"?)

Of unkown origin. Perhaps from Danish fjas ("nonsense"), from Middle Low German (compare German faseln ("to maunder, talk nonsense"))

  1. (countable or uncountable) excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something
  2. a complaint or noise
  3. an exhibition of affection or admiration
  4. One who is unduly anxious about trifles

Wizardry and Steamworks

Frequently Used Short Snippets (FUSS) is a collection of brief notes on various subjects that are used in a referential or repetitive manner on the Wizardry and Steamworks website or while performing tasks.


Wizardry and Steamworks' projects (and articles) are built by integrating knowledge from FUSS content into those projects and FUSS content is sometimes derived (discovered or acquired) during the development of those projects or otherwise created (adapted, implemented or originally prototyped).


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