Decodes a string of key-value pairs from data and returns a JSON string - either a JSON_OBJECT or a JSON_ARRAY.

Contrast to Linden Functions

Although for different inputs, the conversion behaviour of the wasKeyValueToJSON function differs from llList2Json (a function meant to convert an LSL list to a JSON string) in that wasKeyValueToJSON assumes that all numeric values are numerals rather than strings. In other words, suppose you have a list l and you use llList2Json to convert the list to JSON (either JSON_ARRAY or JSON_OBJECT:

list l = [  "a", 0.32, "b", "2" ];
llOwnerSay(llList2Json(JSON_ARRAY, l));

then the output will be:


with the value 2 being of string type. However, key-value pairs do not have the structure to hold information about types (although some structure could be built-in), such that converting some key-value pair data (in the following example, stored in kvp) to JSON using wasKeyValueToJSON:

string kvp = "a=0.32&b=2";
llOwnerSay(wasKeyValueToJSON(kvp, JSON_ARRAY));

will result in the following output:


with 2 being a number of integer type.

In brief, wasKeyValueToJSON assumes that any numeric value in a key-value data string is a number (either a float or an integer). Note that wasKeyValueToJSON respects float and integer types without mixing the two: in the previous example, 0.32 is correctly of type float and 2 of type integer when interpreted by a JSON parser.

Example Usage

When the function is called with:

wasKeyValueToJSON("position=<1,1,0>&toggle=on", JSON_ARRAY);

it will return the string:


which is equivalent with converting the list ["position",<1,1,0>,"toggle","on"] with llList2Json to a string.

wasKeyValueToJSON supports both JSON_OBJECT and JSON_ARRAY.


This script was tested and works on OpenSim version 0.7.4!

//    Copyright (C) 2014 Wizardry and Steamworks - License: CC BY 2.0    //
string wasKeyValueToJSON(string kvp, string T) {
    list data = llParseString2List(kvp, ["&", "="], []);
    list temp = [];
    do {
        string k = llList2String(data, 0);
        string v = llList2String(data, 1);
        string o = "";
        o += "\"" + k + "\"";
        if(T == JSON_ARRAY) {
            o += ",";
            jump type;
        o += ":";
        if((float)v != 0 || v == "0") {
            o += v;
            jump dump;
        o += "\"" + v + "\"";
        temp += o;
        data = llDeleteSubList(data, 0, 1);
    } while(llGetListLength(data) != 0);
    if(T == JSON_ARRAY)
        return "[" + llDumpList2String(temp, ",") + "]";
    if(T == JSON_OBJECT)
        return "{" + llDumpList2String(temp, ",") + "}";
    return JSON_INVALID;

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