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Decodes a string of key-value pairs from data and returns a comma separated string of keys and values. Note that keys will be in the even positions and values in the odd positions, such that if $x$ is the index of a key, its corresponding value will be at index $x+1$ in the resulting string.

Example Usage

When the function is called with:


it will return the string:

"position", "<1,1,0>", "toggle", "on"



This script was tested and works on OpenSim version 0.7.4!

//    Copyright (C) 2013 Wizardry and Steamworks - License: CC BY 2.0    //
string wasKeyValueToCSV(string data) {
    return llList2CSV(llParseString2List(data, ["&", "="], []));


//    Copyright (C) 2014 Wizardry and Steamworks - License: CC BY 2.0    //
/// <summary>
///     Serialises key-value tuples from data to comma-separated values.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="data">the data containing key-value pairs</param>
/// <returns>a comma-separated string</returns>
private static string wasKeyValueToCSV (string data)
	return string.Join (",",
		data.Split ('&')
		.Select (p => p.Split ('=')).SelectMany (p => p)
		.ToArray ());

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