Darwin/OSX on BIOS hardware uses a series of bootfiles which are explained on PureDarwin's boot page.

File Description
boot (sometimes referred to as "boot2") HFS+ startup file, lives in the HFS+ file system structure (not a regular file). (Could also be used as a regular file; using a special version of boot1h that would no longer need it to be HFS+ the startup file.)
boot0 Master Boot Record (MBR), lives in the first 440 bytes of the disk (not identical to the MBR from other OSes)
boot1h stage 1 booter (bootsector) for HFS+ partitions, lives in the first 512 bytes of the partition
cdboot booter for CD-ROMs (only works with valid Extensions.mkext due to a bug)

Restoring Chameleon

fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/diskX    # install boot0 to the MBR, X is the disk number
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/diskXsY       # X is disk number, Y is the number of the HFS partition.
cp boot /Volumes/XXX               # boot file must be at the root of the partition (''/'')
fdisk -e /dev/diskX                # edit the disk, X is the disk number
flag 2                             # flag the second partition HFS, first partition being EFI 
write                              # write the changes to disk
exit                               # leave fdisk.

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