Riposte Warrior

Since GuildWars is now superseded by GuildWars2, the following build was kept secret (parts of it being leaked), but it can now be fully disclosed.


The main purpose of this build is to prevent physical damage, strike back and accumulate action points and mana in the process. In principle it is designed to manifest a somewhat exponential increase in damage output, increasing along with damage intake. In other words, the more physical damage you take from an enemy, the more damage you will deal back.

  • Flail - used for rapidly increasing action points during a battle, this skill should be activated first when fighting an enemy.
  • Charging Strike - can be used to lunge at an enemy and is also spammable for faster running.
  • Distracting Blow - used as an interrupt and extremely useful during combat.
  • Counterattack and Power Attack- these are both used as regular damage dealers, multi-use and low-cost.
  • Riposte and Deadly Riposte - these two are the main skills for the riposte warriors, they are low-cost and easily spammable during combat. After activating flail, these two should be activated. They deal massive damage to an opponent that attacks using physical attacks.
  • Lion's Comfort - this is the healing skill, not too low-cost but sufficient during most battles.

Flail and Charging Strike cancel each other out. That is, Flail should be used at the start of combat to generate action points for the rest of the skills and, in case of trouble, Flail can be canceled by Charging Strike to run away.

The build also works great as a passive-aggressive tank - you can deal loads of damage back. The build is not suitable for farming ectos but great otherwise in PvE or PvP.


Obviously, any type of degen such as poisons or hexes will kill this build very fast and very efficiently because there is no de-hexer, anti-poison and Lion's Comfort is action-point based.

Good examples include:

  • assassins based on poisons and hexes (touchers, the kind that teleport to you, inflict DoTs and teleport away) - these kill you very fast, sometimes you may have time to use Lion's Comfort.
  • elementalists - these are very painful if they do not attack.
  • ritualists can also be a problem, especially the spirit spammers.
  • mesmers can also be a problem.

In any case, your damage output is sufficient to take these down as well if you are fast enough.


You rule in any type of physical attack.

  • This blows away any assassins that are based on spike damage. Simply activate the riposte skills and they just die when attacking you.
  • With dervishes many times it comes to a stalemate: they deal damage, they take damage, they heal, you heal, and so on…
  • Other warriors die nicely.


  • Sword: max, "Strength and Honor" inscription.
  • Shield: max, "Luck of the Draw" inscription.
  • Attire:
    • Max Health major rune.
    • Strength minor.
    • Tactics minor.
    • Swordmanship minor.
    • Health minor.

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