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The main intents were to re-create free versions of commercial scripts as well as explore what the LSL language semantics have to offer.

More information on Second Life can be found on the Office of The Privacy Commissioner of Canada page


Wizardry and Steamworks, has published several articles and conference papers, in collaboration with associates:

  1. Cardiac Electrical Activity Simulator (CEAS) which models the myocardial cycle, in collaboration with Lazaros Papadopoulos by using primitives for cells and is based on Wizardry and Steamwork's cellular automata.
  2. Population Genetics Simulator (PGS) which models the Mendel's principles of inheritance, in collaboration with Stephen Gasior from the University of New Orleans.
  3. Project Alexandria, a virtual world library made in collaboration with Joseph Graham and submitted to the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.


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