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These are a pair of glamour heels with the following features:

  • Ability to color-tint the straps and separately the stut.
  • Each toenail may be individually colored.
  • 8 textures included for the toe-ring.
  • Color matching using the skin you wear.
  • Ability to commit the customizations and get rid of the scripts.

Matching Skin Color

Matching the skin color involves extracting the color from the skin that the avatar wears. This can be done in several ways: one can take a screenshot and use an external program to determine the RGB values of pixels on the screen, or one can toggle the “Show Color Under Cursor” feature of the Second Life viewer and then hoover the cursor over the skin to extract the color. This guide explains the second procedure, although taking a screenshot is much more convenient.

For best results this should be done in Daytime (menu option, World -> Environment Settings -> Midday).

The “Show Color Under Cursor” option can be found under the Advanced->UI->Show Color Under Cursor viewer menu. One newer viewers, it may be found under the Develop menu.

Once the “Show Color Under Cursor” option is enabled, when you hover the mouse over anything in the viewer, you will see three comma-separated values on the bottom right. These are the RGB values that will be used to set the initial color of the heel skin.

Once you have noted down the RGB values from the previous step, click the right heel and chose the option: ☀ Skin -> ✯ Color. This will prompt you for the RGB values and you input the values that you have obtained from the previous step. In this case, we input:


Remember to include the < and > signs at the start and end of the comma-separated value so it looks like a vector.

After you click “Send” on the textbox, the heels will color using the RGB color that you specified. This will not look correct at all - the heels will have a different hue than the skin you are wearing. In order to make the final adjustment so that the hue matches as well, you click the right heel and go to: ☀ Skin -> ✰ Tone where you will be given the option of increasing or decreasing the brightness.

If you have set the skin color and then used the menu to increase or decrease the brightness and it still does not look right, you should try to grab a new RGB value and repeat the process.


Except the scripts below that the glamour heels are using, an anklelock mechanism is used from the avatar animation locks section.

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