Change Log

12 April 2013

  • Re-wrote pea shooter to use the pretty menu system.
  • Fixed latent bug in avatar selection.

25 February 2013

  • Fix of time dilation, bullets should fly now on low-lag sims.

18 December 2011

  • Fix for names larger than 24 characters.


I have been asked to create a subtle assassination device that would kill an avatar on a SIM with land damage turned on. The purpose was to make the bullets vanish as soon as the task had been accomplished and to make them hard to detect. I know some kids have fun with similar devices on their SIM, so knock yourselves out with it.

Features and Limitations

  • The rezzer uses an endless menu to grab the names of the avatars around.
  • The ice bullet is transparent and very small sized and hard to select individually.
  • You need a clear line of sight, on any collision the bullet will destroy itself.
  • If the bullet does not reach its target for any reason, it will destroy itself after a timeout (30 seconds).
  • The bullet is homing, it makes course-corrections every 1 seconds.
  • When the target is reached, the bullet destroys itself.


  1. Create a primitive and set the texture to a transparent texture. Make the prim as small as possible - you may even use a nano sphere. Name the primitive *.
  2. Copy the Ice Bullet script into the primitive from step 1 named *.
  3. Take the bullet into your inventory.
  4. Create a new primitive and place the bullet inside it.
  5. Copy the script Pea Shooter and place it in the primitive from step 4.

The result should look something like the following:

You are set. Click the primitive to select a target. You may also wear the primitive from step 4 as an attachment or add the components to some other attachment.


  • One could make the rezzer continuously scan a range for avatars and rez bullets as necessary without intervention - giving you true plow experience.


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