• clāviger (genitive clāvigerī); m, second declension, the key-bearer
  • archaic: Servant


12 October 2013

  • Claviger.exe is now by default compiled with .NET 4.0 - which is available to download from Microsoft.

11 December 2012

  • Since logging out is unstable, the auto-reconnect has been dropped and left up to the operating system. There are countless methods out there to restart a service upon termination (monit, launchd and Windows services).

27 November 2012

  • Simplified code, removed command jump.

25 November 2012

  • Added support for multiple masters.
  • Restricted teleport requests to masters.


Claviger is a scripted agent (bot) that is meant to act as a model - for shops that need a modeling robot that shows off new clothes and other products.

The scripted agent semantics are a derivative of corrade and, just like the other project-specific bots, its sole purpose is to maintain an active connection to Second Life and process requests from scripts.

Binary Download


Please see the respective components for configuration instructions.

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