This item is a Super-Mario inspired fortune cube, somewhat similar to the stickmen you see running around and talking gibberish. The difference is that this fortune cube uses Great Wanderer for physical movement and is thus not restricted to a geometric shape. Released in a house it will wander around the floors and sprout words of wisdom from its repertoire.

Credit for the taglines goes to http://www.textfiles.com/humor/TAGLINES/

Marketplace Item


Requires an enclosure that is not completely phantom. For example, a house may have phantom walls and if that is the case, then the fortune cube will be able to escape through those phantom walls.

The Great Wanderer variation excludes the upward movement, effectively hampering any probability to ascend. It is however possible, due to friction for the cube to gain altitude although, in time, the altitude will drop down due to the remainder of the movement axes.


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