• 15 May 2013

Fixed a bug regarding setting the Glow parameter under 0 or over 1, contrary to color vectors LSL does not automatically limit to bounds but instead throws a warning on the debug channel. Added bounds checking for the Glow parameter so that the warning does not pop-up.


This is a glasses engine that is flexible enough for a series of glasses designed by Wizardry and Steamworks. Some glasses such as the Carbon Glasses support a monogram, a customisation that adds a letter to either the frame or the lens of the glasses and some of them act upon the environment when the colours of the lens change using RLV. On the big lines however, the glass engine incorporates the following general features:

  • changing the opacity, brightness, glow and color of the lenses
  • resizing the glasses
  • tilt and auto-tilt (putting the glasses up on the avatar's head; auto mode senses an avatar in the vicinity and automatically puts the glasses up)


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When the glasses are tilted up or put back down, the following animation is triggered:

The animation is royalty-free, and you have full permission to use it in SL, OpenSim or otherwise.


During the design of the glasses we used several Wizardry and Steamworks technologies, namely:

  • The key-value data language in order to store variables over attach, detach and restart events. Due to SVC-3429, it is the first time that we use the key-value data language to store settings in a linked primitive.
  • The ASCII progress bar coupled with the percent-to-gradient function are used to read the monogram data dynamically and then we use the pretty menu system to generate the menu. In doing so, we avoid storing the sculpture data in memory.
  • Since SVC-1945 makes llSetPos ineffective, we have to restart the script for the tilt. The persistent storage takes care to memorize settings so that they are available on script restart.


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