Donation jars are meant to accumulate L$ as donations and commonly have a goal set. Examples include a donation jar for a free club, where the owner of the club wants to meet the land tier quota by the end of the month.

Provided here are two scripts, the most feature packed one being the “Ample Donation Jar” which can also be found on marketplace, and is tested to work in a production environment; in Second Life.


Script Name Description
simple_donation_jar This is a simple script that does not include a configuration file. It is fully compatible with OpenSim.
ample_donation_jar This is the enhanced version of the donation jar and supports a configuration file (changing goal, overhead text color, pay buttons) and is the script that can be found on the Second Life marketplace
synchronized This is the same variation as the ample_donation_jar with the addition that multiple donation jars on the same simulator synchronize donations.

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