Land-selling agencies in Second Life have employees which need to be paged in order to assist visitors in case they are interested to buy land. The following scripts facilitate that by using an out-of-world SQLite database and a few scripts.

Design Overview

The SQLite DB should be placed along with the registerURL.php script in the same directory. The land signs and the [K] Agent Registry send HTTP requests to the SQLite database in order to register a short URL. We have done this previously in order to map a Linden URL to an identifier in order to retrieve it at a later time.

Agent Registry and Time Tracker

Setting Up Checklist

The procedure for setting up is quite simple:

  • Drop the registerURL.php script and the database created using the code below on a HTTP server.
  • Place the Agent Registry scripts in primitive and name it [K] Agent Registry, somewhere public so both you and your employees can see it.
  • Create a notecard called Agents containing sales agent avatar IDs and names, and place it in the same primitive as the Agent Registry scripts (a sample can be found below).
  • Create a HUD with the script in the Sales HUD section and distribute them to your sales agents.
  • Create sales signs containing the Sales Sign code and place them on your land where you sales signs are.
  • Create a primitive and place the Time Tracker script inside it and place it on the same simulator as the Agent Registry primitive.


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