30 September 2013

  • Upgraded particles so that they travel faster and do not lag behind so much, the chain now looks more plausible and tight.


This is a set of cuffs (for both wrists and ankles), as well as a weight ball that can attach to the cuffs, using particles and RLV to keep the wearers together. The set uses a simple convention for pairing the cuffs and the ball such that you can combine the cuffs with any other devices in-world. The master components (indicated in the name of the objects) bind to the slave components and the wearer of the slave component is not allowed to go farther than 5m from the master component.

The cuffs sets are independent, you could, for example, wear the master component and give the slave component to somebody else and then you will be bound by a particle chain to a 5m distance between you. Or, you could rez the master component and wrap it around an object and send the slave component to somebody else and they will be bound to that object.


  • 2 cuffs for wrists (master and slave)
  • 2 cuffs for ankles (master and slave)
  • weight ball (master)
  • can be worn by avatars or rezzed in-world to bind someone to an in-world object
  • the ball ties to the cuff and the ball is a physical object that can be pushed or pulled around (you can drag the ball around).
  • good role-play items for prisons, or other endeavours

Marketplace Item


Once you unpack the items, you will have 4 new items in your inventory:

  • [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Lower Leg
  • [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Lower Leg
  • [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Forearm
  • [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Forearm
  • [WaS-K] Ball Chain - Master

The “Master” and “Slave” indicates the type of item: master items will bind to slave items and wearers of the slave items will be forced (using RLV) to stay in a 5meter range of the master item.

For example, if you right-click and wear the following items:

  1. [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Lower Leg
  2. [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Lower Leg

your ankles will bound together, the chain running from the left cuffed ankle to the right.

The point of the “Master” and “Slave” demarcation is that you do not necessarily need to wear the wrist / hand cuffs together and the ankle cuffs separately. You can combine them. For example, if you wear:

  1. [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Lower Leg
  2. [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Forearm

Then this will bind your left ankle to your right wrist / hand.

The order in which you equip the items can be important. For example, let's say you equip the items in the following order:

  1. [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Lower Leg
  2. [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Forearm
  3. [WaS-K] Cuff - Master - Left Forearm
  4. [WaS-K] Cuff - Slave - Right Lower Leg

Then your left ankle will be bound to your right wrist and your left wrist will be bound to your right ankle.

Since the objects are full-permission, you can of course daisy chain a bunch of avatars together, just like you would do with cuffs - keep in mind though, that the order in which you wear them is important, ie: bind the first two avatars, then bind the third avatar, and then proceed with the rest.

In technical terms, when worn, the “Master” and “Slave” components handshake and become bound. If three avatars were to wear the cuffs at the same time, the outcome would not be certain. Girl in the middle attack (GITM). This is purposefully so, such that you can combine the cuffs and weight ball in any order, with any avatars and any in-world objects.


  • These items do not contain any animations. This was intentionally left out due to the (very) many animations and toys out there that could be used in combination with the cuffs. Were the cuffs to additionally trigger an animation, then poses and other devices would not look right.
  • The particle system binding two cuffs is fairly slow (SL limitation), such that it may take some time for the chain to look tight. The items are best used with fairly static poses, just like RLV leashes are.
  • The items do not lock themselves to the avatar. This is also intentional because the items are not meant to be worn for a long time. If such a functionality is needed, please use the Outfit Locker in the Wizardry and Steamworks store. The RLV part of these items is used to move the avatar and restrict the movement range.

Build Description

The master and slave scripts can be placed in any objects, whether they are worn as attachments, rezzed as in-world objects or a combination thereof. One should notice that both scripts use key value data in combination with LID™ which means that the objects should be a linkset of at least two primitives (in case the objects binding are meant to be worn as attachments).

Once the objects containing the scripts are worn or rezzed in-world, the master and slave scripts perform a handshake in order to obtain each other's key and finally the master activates the particle system to the slave. Note that in the build found on the marketplace, the scripts are placed in the root primitive of each objects, which is conveniently selected to be the hoop on the cuffs and on the ball. Due to the LID™ technology, the objects containing the scripts can be worn, unworn and the avatar may even disconnect from the world because the scripts will adapt automatically and rebind the objects.

The scripts can be loosely seen as an adaptation of the horse martingales but with additional RLV components that make the avatar wearing the slave object rotate to face the master object. The weight ball (or prisoner ball) contains a modified master script with an artillery modification that makes it seem like the ball is yanked after the avatar when the avatar steps out of range.


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