11 March 2013

  • Added explanations on how to add e-mail notifications for the simple online detector.
  • Revised the code.

4 February 2012

  • Added the FailedNoob Resident variation which accomplishes the same but takes requests on local chat instead of using a notecard.


Similar to instant messenger invisible detectors, this script relies on the fact that your online/offline status does not mean too much and scans for a list of agents. The system is meant to replace the default viewer online status reporting system by dynamically adding and taking people off the lists as they go on- and offline. Scanned agents do not even have to be in your friends list.

Reliability & Caveats

During tests we noticed the following:

  • The indication of the offline status is slow (can last up to ~10 minutes before you are announced).
  • The indication of the online status is much faster (<1 minute).

In that sense, just the change is meaningful. Do not base your assumptions on old data. That is, when the script tells you they are online, they have just now appeared online. Conversely, when the script tells you they are offline, they have just now gone offline.

However, if after a while you check your logs for the last state of an agent, the information is old and you should not rely on it.


The following scripts can be used to scan for online and offline agents:

Script Description
simple uses a notecard for agents and announces the online and offline statuses in-world via IM
local chat listens to local chat for input and announces in-world via IM

Based on their description, the following are available:

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