verb [ trans. ]

  • transport or carry to a place : pipes were laid to convey water to the house.
  • make (an idea, impression, or feeling) known or understandable to someone : the real virtues and diversity of America had never been conveyed in the movies | it's impossible to convey how lost I felt.
  • communicate (a message or information) : Mr. Harvey and his daughter have asked me to convey their very kind regards.
  • Law transfer the title to (property).


12 October 2013

  • Convey.exe is now compiled with .NET 4.0 which is available as a download for Windows.

11 December 2012

  • Since logging out is unstable, the auto-reconnect has been dropped and left up to the operating system. There are countless methods out there to restart a service upon termination (monit, launchd and Windows services).

25 November 2012

  • Added support for multiple masters.
  • Restricted teleport requests to masters.


Convey is a scripted agent that relays instant messages to a primitive via HTTP. The set-up relies on an agent (bot) that is permanently connected to the server. Once an avatar messages the bot, the bot relays the message via HTTP to a script inside a primitive.

Quick Setup

  1. Download Convey.
  2. After unzipping, inside the Convey folder there will be a configuration file called Convey.config. You will need to configure the bot (please refer to the client configuration).
  3. The LSL script can be dropped in a box and must be configured as well (please refer to the script configuration).


  • Most recent version: Convey.


Please see the respective components for configuration instructions.

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