This project can be used to create a mailing-list hosted within Second Life. It uses a Subscribers notecard, that contains e-mail addresses. Currently, the project supports sending e-mails by:

  • dropping a notecard into the primitive - the name of the notecard is taken as the subject for all outgoing e-mails.
  • sending an e-mail to the primitive.


  1. create a notecard containing a list of e-mail addresses, one per line and make sure the notecard contains a blank line at the end.
  2. put the notecard and the scripts below in a new primitive in-world.
  3. give the primitive a name, all e-mails will be sent with that name as sender.

Sending to Mailing List

Sending to all the recipients in the mailing list can be done either via notecards or by sending an e-mail from outside of Second Life to the primitive.

Via Notecard

Sending an e-mail via notecard is easy:

  1. create a notecard and type in the e-mail body.
  2. give the notecard a name which will be used as the subject of your e-mail.
  3. drag and drop the notecard onto the mailing list primitive.

Via E-Mail

In order to post an e-mail to all the recipients in the Subscribers notecard, the e-mail has to be sent to:

where the key 67a8a4e2-3b98-11e3-a8d5-e7c468d14000 has to be replaced with the key of the mailing list primitive. Any e-mail sent to the resulting address will be sent to every recipient in the Subscribers notecard.


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