The Little Professor™ is a simulation of a Texas Instruments calculator from 1976. The calculator works as a quiz, in reverse compared to ordinary calculators, by asking the user to perform the computations themselves and input them.

Once rezzed, the Little Professor™ reads any number of notecards placed in the root primitive and prints out one random question. The user can then input the value and if the value is correct, then the Little Professor™ picks another random question.

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Any number of notecards are permitted up to the full amount of script memory that can be consumed by a script. This simulation of the Little Professor™ is distributed with two sample notecards:

Questions Basic


Questions Advanced

The format of the notecards is kept very simple and user-friendly. On the left hand side of a line in a notecard, the user will have to add a question that the calculator will ask. On the right hand side of the equal sign, the user sets the answer. For example, a line in one of the notecards could read as:


Where $10+5=$ is what the calculator will ask, and it will require theuser to press the buttons 1 and 5 to display 15. Once the correct answer is given, the Little Professor™ proceeds to a different and random question in one of the notecards.

Please make sure that every notecard contains a new-line at the end or the script will not be able to read them.

The Build

Both the main and the xyzzytext scripts should be placed within the root primitive of the build. The button script should be placed and changed to send the mark it represents to the root primitive.


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