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Scanning regions for stray objects is a difficult task due to the viewer interface that lacks a reliable way to track them. The region scanner is a build in Second Life that allows you to scan a full region for objects matching any combination of AGENT, ACTIVE, PASSIVE or SCRIPTED items; or, by matching a name or uuid criteria.

The found primitives are translated into the coordinates of the scanner and by clicking the area immediately underneath the overhead text, the agent will teleport to the location of the found object.

Marketplace Item


Upon touching the scanner, probes are deployed that cover the whole region and float upward, sensing any object in the vicinity. These messages are then interpreted by the scanner and the coordinates of the found objects are translated into the local coordinates of the scanner. At the translated coordinates the scanner deploys primitives and color-codes them to indicate the type of the found object.

In order to cope with many messages, the scanner implements a message pump such that the rez delay will block auxiliary scripts (threads), rather than the main build. Currently the scanner uses a message pump of 8 threads to render the objects on the region.


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