9 April 2013

  • Upgraded score script with updated dual quicksort.
  • Modified score script for OpenSim compatibility.


This game is a tribute to Earthworm Jim. The goal of the game is to stomp puppies by touching them, similar to the zombies game.


There are two components for this assembly:

  • The scoreboard with overhead text.
  • The puppies.


The description contains a vector that represents the location where the puppies will be rezzed.

Before use, the scoreboard must be configured so that the description contains a vector representing the rezzing location of the puppies. You can do so by editing the object and setting the description to the vector where the puppies should be rezzed. Note that the rez location must not be further away than 10 meters or the puppies will not rez at all.

For more information on how to copy and paste vectors easily without having to spell them out, please see the viewer fuss page.


All the scripts can be found inside their respective directories.

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