Copying Vectors

Copying vectors can be done by right-clicking an object, selecting the Object tab and then clicking the round (C) button next to either position, size or rotation input boxes. Then, by pressing Ctrl+V or using the menu EditPaste.

Printing Texture Information (Including Face Number)

The shortcut to print a texture info is: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T

This can be accessed from the menu as well, in Viewer 2+, Develop→Rendering→Selected Texture Info. On Viewer 1, it is under Advanced→Rendering→Selected Texture Info.

Decreasing Viewer Loading Times

After some testing, we consider this light-speed rezzing… It really blasts all other methods away.

Some *nix flavors, as well as Windows, have options for creating (mounting) a drive that represents a slice of your RAM. Consider, if you have memory to spare, offshoring the entire cache to RAM. There may be solutions around that would offer safely mounting and unmounting the drive by writing the cache files to harddrive after shutting down the viewer. This would have the effect that all your transactions are made directly from RAM, which would offer an incredible speed compared to hard storage.

If you are on Mac, Snow Leopard onwards, try the following in a Terminal:

imp:~noob$ diskutil erasevolume HFS+ "ramdisk" `hdiutil attach -nomount ram://2097152`

which will create a new ram-disk of 1GB size.

You can check by issuing the command in a terminal 'df -h':

imp:~noob$ df -h
Filesystem      Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk2     1.0Gi   12Mi  1.0Gi     2%    /Volumes/ramdisk

Next, configure your cache to write to that folder:

Ramdisk cache for Mac.

  • Based on the former, how about running the entire viewer in RAM. The viewer itself is only a couple 100MB in file-size. The cache, Imprudence's cache is limited to 1GB so you are looking at up to 1.5GB of RAM usage. This may not be too much for newer machines. Just drag and drop the viewer into the newly created ramdisk.

Keep in mind that by using a RAM-disk, whenever you restart your machine, the cache will be purged. If you want to take this to the next level, consider a commercial/third-party solution that swaps out your ramdisk to your hard storage before resetting and then loads it back. You probably could script that as well and spare your money.

Hide the User Interface


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