Complete List of Notifications

Notifications Data Description Commands Structure Last Changes
agentdatatype, firstname, lastname, ID, title, group, powersAgent data updates.None.None.C11 - added.
alerttype, messageSimulator and grid alert messages.None.AlertMessageEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
animationtype, animationNew animations being triggered on Corrade either by in-world scripts or from inventory.None.AnimationsChangedEventArgsRelease 9.55 - added the animation notification.
aotype, eventA list of animation override (AO) related animations that are currently running.None.None.C11 - added.
appearancetype, firstname, lastname, version, COF, region, hoverAvatar appearance data.None.AvatarAppearanceEventArgsC10 - added.
avataractiontype, dataPeriodic updates on the current action that Corrade is performing.None.None.C10 - added.
avatargrouptype, agent, firstname, lastname, notice, ID, texture, name, powers, title, visibleGroups that an agent is part of as a result of a request to get avatar or profile data.getprofiledata, getprofilesdata, getavatardata, getavatarsdata, batchgetprofiledataNone.C10 - added.
avatarstype, id, entity, position, rotation, action,Avatars appearing and disappearing in Corrade's range.None.AvatarUpdateEventArgs for action=appear and KillObjectEventArgs for action=vanishRelease 7.114 - split the radar notification into avatars and primitives notifications.
balancetype, balanceMoney balance changed - currency received or sent.None.BalanceEventArgsNone.
cachetype, asset, key, action, valueCorrade assets being cached.None.None.C10 - added.
cameratype, actionEvents related to the current camera settings.None.None.C11 - added.
capstype, notification, action, regionReports connections to the simulator capabilities (event queue) being established or severed.None.None.C11 - added.
chatterboxtype, agent, session, entityAvatars joining and leaving chat sessions (group chat, conferences, etc.).None.ChatSessionMemberAddedEventArgs, ChatSessionMemberLeftEventArgsC10 - added.
coarsetype, name, region, new oldCoarse location updates for avatars on the current region.None.CoarseLocationUpdateEventArgsC10 - added.
colliderstype, region, collidersCurrent region top colliders.None.EstateTasksC10 - added.
collisiontype, aggressor, magnitde, time, entity, victimAvatars or objects colliding with Corrade.None.MeanCollisionEventArgsRelease 7.28 - the collision notification returns entity instead of collision as the key for the collision type.
commandtype, command, actionCorrade commands starting and stopping.None.None.C11 - added.
conferencetype, firstname, lastname, agent, message, language, name, session, restoredConference messages received.None.InstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.111 - added.
configurationtype, keySignals a Corrade configuration change.None.None.C10 - added.
controltype, controls, pass, takeScripts calling llTakeControls on Corrade.None.ScriptControlEventArgsRelease 8.40 - added the control notification.
crossingtype, old, new, actionCorrade crossing region boundaries.None.SimChangedEventArgs for action=changed and RegionCrossedEventArgs for action=crossedRelease 7.34 - the crossing notification now also sends notifications on region changed (such as teleports) and sets action to crossed in case a region-cross occurred or sets action to changed in case of a teleport.
debugtype, name, item, position, messageScript errors on the debug channel.None.ChatEventArgsNone.
dialogtype, firstname, lastname, message, channel, name, item, owner, button, idDialog boxes sent by scripts.getscriptdialogs, replytoscriptdialogScriptDialogEventArgsRelease 9.143 - added a dialog UUID.
directorytype, entity, id, dataDirectory search results.directoryqueryDirClassifiedsReply,DirEventsReply,DirGroupsReply,DirLandReply,DirPeopleReply,DirPlacesReplyC10 - added.
displaynametype, old, new, id, firstname, lastname, defaultAvatar display name changes.None.None.None.
economytype, balance, description, committed, credit, success, id, amount, target, source, transactionMoney balance events (when money is paid in or paid out).None.MoneyBalanceReplyEventArgsRelease 7.35 - added economy notification.
effecttype, effect, source, target, position, duration, id, action, regionViewer effects that Corrade senses.None.ViewerEffectEventArgs for action=generic, ViewerEffectPointAtEventArgs for action=point and ViewerEffectLookAtEventArgs for action=lookRelease 7.34 - the effect notification now passes the value generic to the action key, point on point-at and lookat on lookat effects.
estatelisttype, entity, estate, count, list''Returns an estate list after an estate list was requested by the getestatelist command.getestatelistNone.C10 - added.
friendshiptype, action, firstname, lastname, agent, status, rights, namesFriendship offered, received, terminated, friends going online or offline and rights being added or removed.getfriendshiprequests, replytofriendshiprequestFriendInfoEventArgs, FriendshipResponseEventArgs, FriendshipOfferedEventArgs and FriendshipTerminatedEventArgsC10 - friendship termination added.
grouptype, group, firstname, lastname, agent, message, languageMessages sent to a group.None. GroupMessageEventArgsRelease 9.86 - Added language detection.
groupoperationtype, action, success, group, firstname, lastnameReports the current group operations performed by the bot concerning in-world groups.None.GroupDroppedEventArgs, GroupCreatedReplyEventArgs, GroupJoinedReply, GroupLeaveReplyC11 - added.
heartbeattype, dataVarious run-time data such as CPU or RAM consumption of the current Corrade instance returned every second.None.heartbeatC10 - changed the data returned.
inventorytype, firstname, lastname, agent, name, asset, item, session, direction, action, inventoryInventory items being offered to Corrade or accepted or declined by Corrade.getinventoryoffers, replytoinventoryofferInstantMessageEventArgs for items being offered by Corrade and InventoryObjectOfferedEventArgs for items being offered to Corrade.C10 - added created action.
invitetype, firstname, lastname, agent, group, session, idGroup invites received by Corrade.getgroupinvites, replytogroupinviteInstantMessageEventArgsC11 - added the group membership fee.
localtype, firstname, lastname, owner, item, position, message, entity, audible, volumeMessages on local chat.None.ChatEventArgsC10 added name and region parameters.
locationtype, region, positionPeriodic updates on the current bots whereabouts.None.NoneC10 - added.
logintype, loginNotification sent whilst Corrade is logging-in to the grid and when Corrade logs out.None.LoginProgressEventArgs LoggedOutEventArgsRelease 9.140 - added.
logstype, entity, level, messageCorrade and OpenMetaverse log messages.None.NoneC10 - added.
luretype, firstname, lastname, agent, session, messageTeleport lures being received by Corrade.replytoteleportlureInstantMessageEventArgsNone.
maptype, region, texture, heightRegion map texture and terrain height map whenever a simulator is changed or crossed.None.None.C10 - added.
membershiptype, firstname, lastname, agent, group, actionGroup membership events (agents joining and leaving groups).None. GroupMembershipEventArgsRelease 7.36 - added membership notification.
messagetype, firstname, lastname, agent, message, languageInstant messages received.None.InstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.86 - added language detection.
mqtttype, group, ID, topic payloadMQTT messages being published on a topic that a group subscribed to.MQTTNone.C10 - added.
noticetype, firstname, lastname, agent, message, subject, session, attachments, asset, folder, groupGroup notices received.noticeInstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
objectimtype, name, item, owner, messagellInstantMessage messages from objects that are not Corrade commands.None.InstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
outfittype, action, asset, creator, description, inventory, item, name, permissions, replace, entity, slotAttachments or wearables being attached, detached respectively worn or unworn from Corrade.None.OutfitEventArgsRelease 9.64 - added the outfit notification.
ownersaytype, item, name, message, positionllOwnerSay messages that are not RLV or Corrade commands.None.ChatEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
parceltype, name, description, area, flags, price, dwell, status, group, owner, primitives, music, region, northeast, southwestThe parcel notification will fire whenever the bot crosses into a different parcel.None.ParcelC11 - added.
parcelmaptype, messageA CSV list of parcel name by parcel local id by point-vector where each point-vector describes a parcel on the current simulator.None.None.C11 - added.
particletype, region, item, dataParticles emitted by surrounding primitives.None.ParticleSystemC10 - added.
permissiontype, region, item, task, permissionsScripts asking Corrade for permissions.getscriptpermissionrequests, replytoscriptpermissionrequestScriptQuestionEventArgsNone.
preloadtype, id, owner, region, itemScripts requesting sounds to be preloaded.None.PreloadSoundEventArgsRelease 9.154 - added.
primitivestype, id, entity, position, rotation, action,Primitives appearing and disappearing in Corrade's range.None.PrimEventArgs for action=appear and KillObjectEventArgs for action=vanishRelease 7.114 - split the radar notification into avatars and primitives notifications.
regiontype, message, agentRegion messages sent by estate managers.None.InstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
regionsaytotype, name, item, owner, position, messagellRegionSayTo messages that are not Corrade commands.None.ChatEventArgsRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
rlvtype, name, item, position, rlvRLV commands that Corrade processes (useful for debugging RLV).None.ChatEventArgsRelease 7.80 - added the rlv notification.
scriptstype, region, scriptsCurrent region top scripts.None.EstateTasksC10 - added.
simconnecttype, name, reasonSimulators connecting or disconnecting.None.None.C11 - added.
sittype, agent, firstname, lastname, new, oldAvatars sitting and unsitting in connected regions.None.AvatarSitChangedEventArgsRelease 9.55 - added the sit notification.
softbantype, agent, firstname, lastname, group, action, note, expire, renewGroup soft bans being added or removed.softbanNone.C10 - added.
soundtype, gain, owner, item, parent, position, region, assetSounds being triggered by scripts.None. SoundTriggerEventArgs, AttachedSoundEventArgs, AttachedSoundGainChangeEventArgsRelease 9.154 - added.
statisticstype, region, statisticsRegion statistics.None.SimStatsC10 - added.
storetype, storeItems that are added, removed or updated in Corrade's inventory will be sent via this notification.None.InventoryObjectAddedEventArgs InventoryObjectRemovedEventArgs InventoryObjectUpdatedEventArgsRelease 9.140 - moved to store.
teleporttype, status, flags, messageAn event describing an in-progress teleport status.None.TeleportProgressEventArgsRelease 9.133 - added.
tersetype, id, entity, position, rotationAvatar and object updates.None.TerseObjectUpdateEventArgsRelease 7.31 - added the terse notification.
trackertype, ID, firstname, lastname, position, region, actionGet the current position of a friend on the grid.None.None.C10 - added the "action" parameter.
typingtype, firstname, lastname, agent, action, entityAvatars starting and stopping to type.None.InstantMessageEventArgsRelease 9.44 - extended the typing notification to also take into account the local chat typing notifications.
urltype, name, item, owner, group, message, urlRequests to navigate to an URL commonly sent by scripts using the llLoadURL LSL function.None.LoadUrlEventArgsRelease 7.71 - added url notification.
windtype, region, windSimulator wind speeds.None.WindSpeedsNone.


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