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15 April 2016

  • Release 9.64 - added the outfit notification.
outfit (Notifications)
TypeCorrade progressive notification
Datatype, action, asset, creator, description, inventory, item, name, permissions, replace, entity, slot
DescriptionAttachments or wearables being attached, detached respectively worn or unworn from Corrade.
Last ChangesRelease 9.64 - added the outfit notification.


Data Description
type The type of the notification.
action detach or attach for attachments being detached, respectively attached and worn or unworn for wearables being worn, respectively unworn.
asset The asset UUID of the item.
creator The UUID of the creator.
description The item's description.
inventory The inventory UUID of the item.
item The item UUID.
name The name of the item.
permissions The Corrade permissions of the item.
replace True if the item will replace another item.
entity The item's asset type.
slot Set to either the name of the attachment point for attachments or the wearable type in case of wearables.


private class OutfitEventArgs : EventArgs
    public Action Action;
    public UUID Asset;
    public UUID Creator;
    public string Description;
    public AssetType Entity;
    public InventoryType Inventory;
    public UUID Item;
    public string Name;
    public string Permissions;
    public bool Replace;
    public string Slot;

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