23 February 2019

  • C10 - added the "action" parameter.

27 September 2018

  • C10 - added.
tracker (Notifications)
TypeCorrade progressive notification
Datatype, ID, firstname, lastname, position, region, action
DescriptionGet the current position of a friend on the grid.
Last ChangesC10 - added the "action" parameter.
Data Description
type The type of the notification.
ID The agent UUID of the friend being tracked.
firstname The first name of the agent being tracked.
lastname The last name of the agent being tracked.
position A vector representing the agent's position on the simulator.
region The region name where the tracked agent can be found.
action Set to move when a tracked avatar has moved at least $1m$ from the last known position, to add when an avatar opted in to be tracked or to remove when an avatar has opted out to be tracked.


  • Corrade can only track friends in its own friends list that additionally have allowed Corrade the Allow to see me on map friendship permission.

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