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3 January 2015

  • Release 7.36 - added membership notification.
membership (Notifications)
TypeCorrade progressive notification
Datatype, firstname, lastname, agent, group, action
Structure GroupMembershipEventArgs
DescriptionGroup membership events (agents joining and leaving groups).
Last ChangesRelease 7.36 - added membership notification.


Data Description
type The type of the notification.
firstname The first name of the avatar.
lastname The last name of the avatar.
agent The UUID of the avatar.
group The group name that the avatar left or joined.
action Either joined or parted depending on whether the avatar joined or left the group.


private class GroupMembershipEventArgs : EventArgs
    public Action Action;
    public string AgentName;
    public UUID AgentUUID;
    public string GroupName;
    public UUID GroupUUID;

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