24 June 2019

  • C10 - added the region parameter.

6 June 2016

  • Release 9.87 - Removed language detection.

5 June 2016

  • Release 9.86 - added language detection.

5 March 2015

  • Release 7.80 - added the regionsayto notification.
regionsayto (Notifications)
TypeCorrade progressive notification
Datatype, name, item, owner, position, message
DescriptionllRegionSayTo messages that are not Corrade commands.
Last ChangesRelease 9.87 - Removed language detection.
Data Description
type The type of the notification.
name The name of the object containing the script that sent the message.
item The UUID of the object sending the message.
owner The UUID of the avatar to whom the object belongs that sent the message.
message The message.
position An LSL vector representing the position of the originating chat.
region The region where the message was detected.

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