30 April 2021

  • C11 - added.
parcel (Notifications)
TypeCorrade progressive notification
Datatype, name, description, area, flags, price, dwell, status, group, owner, primitives, music, region, northeast, southwest
DescriptionThe parcel notification will fire whenever the bot crosses into a different parcel.
Last ChangesC11 - added.
Data Description
type The type of the notification.
name The parcel name.
description The parcel description.
area The total area of the parcel.
flags The parcel flags.
price The last known sale price.
dwell The parcel dwell.
group The UUID of the group owning the parcel.
owner The UUID of the owner of the parcel.
primitives A CSV list of total primitives by owner primitives by other primitives.
music The parcel music URL.
region The region that the parcel is on.
northeast The position of the northeast corner.
southwest The position of the southwest corner.


  • This notification is similar to the location notification but will report the parcel that the bot is currently on whenever the bot moves to a different parcel.

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