Get Profile Data

getprofiledata (Commands)
TypeCorrade progressive command
DescriptionThe getprofiledata gets profile information of a named avatar.
Parametersgroup, password, data, firstname, lastname (or agent by UUID)
Last Changesnone

The getprofiledata gets profile information of a named avatar.

Command Required Parameters Required Corrade Permissions Example
getprofiledata group, password, data, firstname, lastname (or agent by UUID) interact
            // retrieve whether the avatar
            // Mark Spree is a mature profile
            // and the text from the language box
            "command", "getprofiledata",
            "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
            "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
            // or "agent", "69ce412b-dffc-436d-86ff-d788bfa66d9d"
            "firstname", "Mark",
            "lastname", "Spree",
            "data", wasListToCSV(
            "callback", wasURLEscape(URL)

The data parameter follows the AvatarProperties, ProfileInterests and AvatarGroup libopenmetaverse structures and sub-structures.

Parameter Possible Values Description
data AboutTextSecond Life profile text
AllowPublishShould this profile be published on the web
FirstLifeImageFirst Life image ID
FirstLifeTextFirst Life about text
FlagsFlags of the profile
MaturePublishIs this a mature profile
ProfileImageProfile image ID
ProfileURLWeb URL for this profile
LanguagesTextLanguages profile field
SkillsMaskSkills mask
SkillsTextSkills text
WantToMaskWantTo mask
WantToTextWantTo text

The SkillsMask and the SkillsText are special, they represent a bitfield mask corresponding to the individual tick-boxes on the interests profile tab.

The following table gives the individual values of each tick-box for the I Want To: section:

I Want To: Value
Build 1
Explore 2
Meet 4
Group 8
Buy 16
Sell 32
Be Hired 64
Hire 128

And the following table is for the skills section:

Skills: Value
Textures 1
Architecture 2
Event Planning 4
Modeling 8
Scripting 16
Custom Characters 32

Assuming that a request has been sent to Corrade to return the flags for the I Want To: section by setting the data parameter to wanttomask:

                    "command", "getprofiledata",
                    "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
                    "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
                    // or "agent", "69ce412b-dffc-436d-86ff-d788bfa66d9d"
                    "firstname", "Kira",
                    "lastname", "Komarov",
                    "data", "WantToMask",
                    "callback", wasURLEscape(URL)

The response will come back the callback URL. We can then process the returned data and obtain the ticked checkboxes:

    http_request(key id, string method, string body) {
        // send OK to corrade's callback request
        llHTTPResponse(id, 200, "Ok");
        // first get the data an unescape it
        list data = wasCSVToList(
                wasKeyValueGet("data", body)
        // data comes in as "wanttomask, NUMBER"
        // so we get the NUMBER and store it
        integer wanttomask = llList2Integer(
        // finally, we get the flags from the mask
        list flags = wasGetBitFlags(
            [ "Build", "Explore", "Meet", "Group", "Buy", "Sell", "Be Hired", "Hire" ]
        // and print the list of set flags

The wasGetBitFlags function is a helper function that can be found in the LSL FUSS section.


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