One of the features of Corrade is that you can extract data from Second Life and then manipulate it in various ways using scripts. This project will render a 3D overview of a region, showing the map texture at the bottom, the avatars and their positions on the map and renders the map mesh by extracting the terrain height. All of these operations are performed dynamically such that teleporting the bot to a different region will make the display render the new scene and replot the avatars. Furthermore, all the data is extracted in real-time such that if avatars move around, they will also move on the scene generated by Corrade.

All of this is performed without requiring special privileges such as being an estate manager - the terrain data is generated by Corrade whilst scanning the region terrain, the avatars are sensed off Corrade's radar, etc…



This project requires you to enable the land and interact permissions for your configured group in Corrade.ini. The archived bundle contains a config.php file that must be altered to suit your set-up - as it is usual with Corrade templates. The files can then be placed on a web-server in any directory. The web-server must support PHP GD and the PHP version must be over 5.6.7.

Programming Notes

The template modularises various components that can be made to work independently. For example, the getMapHeight.php script can even run directly from the console and output the maximal height of the terrain on the current region.


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