This project uses Corrade to detect the gender of avatars on a simulator as they arrive and then display the ratio of male-to-female shapes as a pie-chart using HighCharts.


Design Overview

We use an initialiser script named installAvatars.php which installs a notification on Corrade, indicating that newly detected avatars should be sent via the avatars notification to a web-server containing the script storeMaleFemale.php. The latter then stores the UUID and the shape gender in a log file visitors.log. When someone visits the HTML file, we use JavaScript/JQuery to poll getMaleFemale.php that calculates the ratio and passes it back to the webpage.


To setup, decompress the archive and place all the files in a folder that is accessible on the web-server. After that, open each PHP file and check the configuration section (it is marked at the top of the file) in order to adjust the settings. To initialize, you must run installAvatars.php once in order to install the avatars notification on Corrade. If all goes well, given a populated region, you will soon see visitors.log fill up with avatar UUIDs and their gender. Finally, you can navigate to maleFemale.html and see a chart display of the ratio of male-to-female shapes.


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