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Using PHP and HTML we can create a very simple web-service that sends mass group invites in-world. The project was built out of the need to transfer group members from one group to the other by sending an invite to the old members of the group. Although, the same could have been accomplished using a notecard and an LSL script, it is much better to use Corrade's HTTP server instead since LSL scripts are only able to read a certain amount of data from notecards whereas there are no limitations when using Corrade's HTTP server.



The HTML part is meant to provide an input text-box where avatar names or UUIDs can be entered line-by-line. Once the button is clicked, the contents of the textbox is sent to the PHP script. The PHP script splits the lines, sanitises the names and UUIDs and then uses CURL to send a batchinvite command to Corrade. After the command executes on Corrade, a list of avatar names and UUIDs that could not be invited is sent back to the PHP script which, in turn, sends that back to the HTML form. That way, all the avatars that have been successfully invited are culled from the textbox whilst the avatars that could not be invited remain.


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