Due to Corrade's powerful data-functions, it is a pleasure to plot the data retrieved from Corrade and display it in real-time. The plot above is created by polling Corrade every second for the LastLag parameter for a region in Second Life in real-time and then displayed using HighCharts. The tutorial is a rough explanation on how to get this to work on your own web-server.



  • You need a Corrade bot; a version that supports the getregiondata command.
  • The land permission has to be enabled in Corrade.ini for the configured group.


All the files should be extracted to a folder named regionStatistics. After that, config.php.dist must be renamed to config.php and then edited in order to change the variables at the top of the script to match your Corrade bot. After that, you can visit regionStatistics.html and if everything is set-up properly, the graph should appear.


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