• A letter was sent off from one of our contributors to the Corrade project claiming that under the GDPR rights they would like us to remove some of their work on our website. We made the user aware that the GDPR is not even necessary and that just by contacting us we will remove the content promptly. The content was removed on the spot as soon as we received the mail without any questions asked.
  • In one of our creations, we reverse-engineered a networking card in order to be able to work with one of the network drivers published by Elbox. Unfortunately, for completeness sake, we provided the driver in the documentation. Elbox contacted us and requested that the driver be removed. As soon as the E-Mail was received, the driver was removed on the spot.
  • N-CORE in SecondLife claimed that they had filed a DMCA request and additionally pushed for a law-enforcement complaint due to some material being used in one of our creations. Unfortunately, we were not contacted by N-CORE directly, just a "review" was added on the product page, but we removed the content anyway from our store promptly without Linden Lab having to intervene.
  • Over many years we received many requests to provide reverse-engineered software based on the knowledge gathered in our cracks section. No such request was ever granted and no pirated copies of software have ever been provided. All mails pertaining to pirated copies have been answered by stating that we do not indulge in piracy.
  • In the past, Wizardry and Steamworks had collected works that were public-domain for archival or referential purposes (ie: long-standing, long-lost BBS files), mainly due to the instability of Internet URLs and the fear that the documents could not be referred to from other creations. However, even though the license was public domain, Wizardry and Steamworks decided to remove the content because it was not made by us.
  • We were contacted by the creator of the zombie sculptures used for the zombies game project claiming that the zombies were developed by himself and he would like to see them removed from the game. We promptly replaced the zombies with other zombies that we found in SecondLife. It was a very short discussion that met a swift resolution.

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