9 April 2013

  • Upgraded score script with updated dual quicksort.
  • Modified score script for OpenSim compatibility.


Rezzing sign.

Rezzing sign and zombie.

One of Second Life's most popular game is to shoot zombies. This assembly provides a rezzing sign and animated zombies with a health-bar that people can shoot. Additionally, we add a ladder-board to track the amount of zombies killed by each agent. The ladder-board will only display 5 agents but will still keep track of other participants.

Design and Features

  • Zombies are rezzed by touching the sign and not automatically. Any agent can rez as many zombies as they like by pressing the sign.
  • The zombies are set to temporary, meaning an agent has up to 1 minute time to kill the zombie or the score will not register.
  • The type of projectile used can come from any weapon provided that the projectile is physical. This was tested with Breach guns (just because they look so good) but any other gun that fires physical projectiles will damage the zombies.


 Zombie rezzer and zombie assembly.

The scripts are either placed in the root primitives (marked with yellow) or in child primitives (marked with blue). For the movement to be consistent with the orientation of the body it is essential that the root primitive where the movement script is placed is oriented with the Z+ axis towards the front of the zombie (this is because the llLookAt function in the root primitive rotates the object to point its forward z axis towards the destination).


The following is an export containing both the zombie and the display sign that can be imported using any SecondLife or OpenSim viewer.


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