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Sifting for the Corrade scripted agent means to filter out the results of a command returned to a callback. The purpose of sifting is to trim the results that a command produces such that the results may be easier to handle by the scripting language used. In the context of SecondLife, an LSL script can receive via HTTP a total of 2KiB of data such that Corrade commands that produce data sets far larger than 2KiB would be truncated when received by the LSL script. Technically, sifting is implemented in Corrade using a set of map-reduce-like commands that act on the output produced by all commands.

Complete List of Sifts

Sifts Parameters Description Last Changes
counta CSV string representing a regular expression (regex) and regular expression optionsThe count sift will count the number of items in a list that match a supplied regular expression.None
distinctthe empty stringThe distinct sift will return only unique elements in a list.None
eachintegerThe each sift will return a strided list given a supplied number.None
jsonpatha string representing a JSON pathThe jsonpath sift will extract JSON elements matching the provided JSON path.None
matcha string representing a regular expressionThe match sift will match the whole returned list against a provided regular expression.None
md5the empty stringThe MD5 sift will generate an unsalted MD5 hash of the current data.None
permutean integer representing the number of rotationsThe permute sift will rotate the elements of the list left or right a number of times depending on the provided parameter.None
randoman integer representing a seedThe random sift will select a random element from the CSV list.None
reversethe empty stringThe reverse sift will reverse the CSV list.None
selecta string representing an element to matchThe select will return the items following the provided element for all elements in the list.None
sha1the empty stringThe SHA1 sift will generate a SHA1 hash of the current data.None
skipintegerThe skip sift will remove a supplied number of elements in a list from the start of the list.None
takeintegerThe take sift will reduce the list produced by a command to a supplied number of items.None
xpatha string representing a fully qualified XML pathThe XPath sift will return all items matching an XML path.None


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