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each (Sifts)
TypeCorrade progressive sift
DescriptionThe each sift will return a strided list given a supplied number.
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The each sift will return a strided list given a supplied number.


Position Type Description Example
0 an integer return a strided list with the given stride number 2


The following sift when added to a command will return each second element in the list starting and including the first zero-indexed element:

    "sift", wasListToCSV([
        "each", 2

Effect on Returned Data

Given the input


the expected output is:



  • Formally, given a list $L$ of elements, the each sift will return the subset $L_{s} = \{ e | e = ip, \forall i : \mathbb{N} \mapsto \lbrack 0, n ) \mathtext{ and } p : \mathbb{N} \mapsto {N} \}$ where $n$ represents the length of the list $L$, $i$ are indices of the list and $p$ is the stride. This may seem counter-intuitive for non-programmers since the selection is expected to start from $p$ ignoring indices that conventionally start at $0$. That is, the selection formula for the subset $L_{s}$ is expected to be $e = ip + 1$. In case the latter behaviour is desired, then an additional skip sift can be used to offset the start of the list such that the selection formula for the subset $L_{s}$ becomes $e = ip - (p - 1)$.

For example, suppose that each second element in a list would have to be selected without accounting for zero-based indexed arrays or lists, then the sift would be:

    "sift", wasListToCSV([
        "skip", 1,
        "each", 2

similarly, for each third element in a list:

    "sift", wasListToCSV([
        "skip", 2,
        "each", 3

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