The teleport command can be used to teleport Corrade around using LSL. The script takes as parameter a region name and a position vector (in local coordinates):

default {
    state_entry() {
                    "command", "teleport",
                    "group", GROUP,
                    "password", PASSWORD,
                    "entity", "region",
                    "region", "SUNO Regents",
                    "position", "<24.647963, 50.326118, 1006.28479>"

This will make Corrade teleport to the region SUNO Regents and land at position <24.647963, 50.326118, 1006.28479>. Note that Corrade is still subject to teleport routing and that, given a teleport destination set with the land tools, Corrade may not land at the specified position.


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