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html (Sifts)
TypeCorrade progressive sift
Parametersa string representing a fully qualified HML xpath
DescriptionThe HTML sift will return all items matching the HTML xpath.
Last ChangesNone

The HTML sift will return all items matching the HTML xpath.


Position Type Description Example
0 a string a fully qualified HTML xpath
    "sift", wasListToCSV([
        "HTML", "//td/input"


  • In order to use this sift, the data returned by the command should be HTML - for instance, as the result of calling the HTTP command to retrieve a webpage.
  • Note that most webpages do not conform to a standard that can be effectively parsed and that HTML should be generally considered markup and not a language (contrasted to, say, XML or JSON). Having said that, the HTML sift will do its best to retrieve the specified element but it may fail spectacularly depending on how far a given HTML document is from a parseable standard. In such cases, trying alternative xpath strings might yield the required results.

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