Basic Operation

The video demonstrates changing the amount of money that a player has using Cheat Engine and the game Saints Row 2022.

The most basic procedure for modifying game values in order to cheat is to search the allocated memory range of a program for a given value and then play the game a smidge in order to change the value and search the allocated memory range for the program again in order to eliminate memory locations that were false positives during the antecedent memory locations and with the purpose of finding an irreducible list of memory locations that are directly tied and change with the original sought after value that was displayed on screen.

Once an irreducible list of memory addresses is found, it is possible to alter the value by overwriting memory with a desired value, with the hope of modifying the original value that is displayed on screen. With the modification made, the altered value is now resident in memory such that the change is not permanent. However, the player can save the game and the game should store the updated value inside the save game file.


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