Corrade returns a numeric unique status code in case a command has failed that can indicate to scripts more detail on what has failed. Every status code corresponds to a description and the description can be fetched using the getstatus command. In the unlikely case that one of the error messages will be removed removed in the future, the status code will not be used again.

English Status Codes

Message (English) Error Code
could not join group 35392
could not leave group 20900
agent not found 57961
group not found 28002
already in group 15345
not in group 11502
role not found 32472
command not found 08653
could not eject agent 14634
no group power for command 30473
cannot eject owners 27605
inventory item not found 25984
invalid amount 43982
insufficient funds 02169
invalid pay target 47624
teleport failed 32164
primitive not found 22693
could not sit 28613
no Corrade permissions 48467
could not create group 54214
could not create role 11287
no role name specified 12758
timeout getting group roles members 34084
timeout getting group roles 11050
timeout getting role powers 39016
could not find parcel 64390
unable to set home 17019
unable to go home 31493
timeout getting profile 32923
type can only be voice or text 36068
agent not in group 19862
empty attachments 29345
empty pick name 48899
unable to join group chat 22733
invalid position 59524
could not find title 02707
fly action can only be start or stop 43713
invalid proposal text 64868
invalid proposal quorum 03098
invalid proposal majority 41810
invalid proposal duration 07628
invalid mute target 64123
unknown action 59526
no database file configured 28087
cannot remove owner role 01253
cannot remove user from owner role 47808
timeout getting picks 47469
maximum number of roles exceeded 41256
cannot delete a group member from the everyone role 40908
group members are by default in the everyone role 00458
cannot delete the everyone role 33413
invalid url provided 65303
invalid notification types 65327
notification not allowed 49640
unknown directory search type 44447
no search text provided 65101
unknown restart action 14337
unknown move action 28429
timeout getting top scripts 20541
timeout getting top colliders 47172
unknown top type 41676
unknown estate list action 25897
unknown estate list 46990
no item specified 43156
unknown animation action 09348
no channel specified 42216
no button index specified 31049
no label or index specified 38931
no land rights 19059
unknown entity 61113
unknown type 39359
invalid rotation 58183
could not set script state 45364
item is not a script 50218
failed to get display name 49722
no name provided 40665
could not set display name 35198
timeout joining group 63713
timeout creating group 32404
timeout ejecting agent 00616
timeout getting group role members 25426
timeout leaving group 31237
timeout during teleport 43780
timeout requesting sit 46316
timeout getting land users 09111
timeout getting script state 23364
timeout updating mute list 26393
timeout getting parcels 32362
empty classified name 46942
invalid price 38184
timeout getting classifieds 59103
could not find classified 08241
invalid days 53947
invalid interval 18490
timeout getting group account summary 53829
friend not found 30207
the agent already is a friend 32366
friendship offer not found 04797
friend does not allow mapping 65003
timeout mapping friend 10691
friend offline 23309
timeout getting region 34964
region not found 35447
no map items found 00337
no description provided 53549
no folder specified 43982
empty wearables 29512
parcel not for sale 35316
unknown access list type 42051
no task specified 29438
timeout getting group members 37470
group not open 24939
timeout downloading terrain 30384
timeout uploading terrain 57005
empty terrain data 16667
the specified folder contains no equipable items 34749
inventory offer not found 42249
no session specified 23805
folder not found 61018
timeout creating item 37211
timeout uploading item 09541
unable to upload item 36684
unable to create item 05034
timeout uploading item data 44397
unable to upload item data 12320
unknown direction 55979
timeout requesting to set home 22576
timeout transferring asset 07255
asset upload failed 60269
failed to download asset 57085
unknown asset type 60025
invalid asset data 59048
unknown wearable type 32709
unknown inventory type 06097
could not compile regular expression 64698
no pattern provided 18680
no executable file provided 11910
timeout waiting for execution 31381
group invite not found 04541
unable to obtain money balance 38125
timeout getting avatar data 20048
timeout retrieving estate list 13712
destination too close 37559
timeout getting group titles 11229
no message provided 47101
unknown effect 54456
no effect UUID provided 48775
effect not found 38858
invalid viewer effect 16572
ambiguous path 19011
path not found 53066
unexpected item in path 13857
no path provided 59282
unable to create folder 26623
no permissions provided 28866
setting permissions failed 43615
expected item as source 39391
expected folder as target 22655
unable to load configuration 63024
unable to save configuration 33564
invalid xml path 20900
no data provided 03638
unknown image format requested 42903
unknown image format provided 02380
unable to decode asset data 04994
unable to convert to requested format 61067
could not start process 08411
object not found 22737
timeout meshmerizing object 19143
could not get primitive properties 37841
avatar not in range 54854
invalid scale 03475
could not get current groups 30129
maximum number of groups reached 39613
unknown syntax type 43003
too many characters for group name 13053
too many characters for group title 19325
too many characters for group role description 31417
too many characters for notice message 26178
notecard message body too large 35277
too many or too few characters for display name 47571
name too large 30293
position would exceed maximum rez altitude 60515
description too large 43683
scale would exceed building constraints 54154
attachments would exceed maximum attachment limit 29745
too many or too few characters in message 52299
maximum ban list length reached 50593
maximum group list length reached 09935
maximum user list length reached 42536
maximum manager list length reached 28625
auto return time outside limit range 28126
second life text too large 56379
first life text too large 09924
maximum amount of picks reached 50405
description would exceed maximum size 17894
maximum amount of classifieds reached 28247
timeout changing links 38609
link would exceed maximum link limit 45074
invalid number of items specified 40773
timeout requesting price 52751
primitive not for sale 01536
teleport throttled 36123
dialog button not found 06617
unknown tree type 08842
invalid texture coordinates 62130
invalid surface coordinates 10945
invalid normal vector 28487
invalid binormal vector 13296
primitives not in same region 44554
invalid face specified 38798
invalid status supplied 61473
status not found 13764
no description for status 30556
unknown grass type 64368
unknown material type 53274
could not retrieve object media 18463
no avatars to ban or unban 02193
could not retrieve broup ban list 45568
timeout retrieving group ban list 15719
timeout modifying group ban list 26749
mute entry not found 26715
no name or UUID provided 51086
could not retrieve mute list 16450
mute entry already exists 39647
timeout reaching destination 39787
group schedules exceeded 10776
no index provided 36896
no schedule found 56094
unknown date time stamp 41612
no permissions for item 07457
timeout retrieving estate covenant 10374
no terraform action specified 56901
no terraform brush specified 41211
invalid height 63486
invalid width 20547
invalid terraform action 28891
invalid terraform brush 41190
could not terraform 58619
timeout waiting for display name 38289
script permission request not found 51050
teleport lure not found 60073
unable to save Corrade configuration 42248
timeout retrieving group notices 26356
timeout retrieving notice 42798
no notice found 06330
notice does not contain attachment 20303
failed to read log file 10522
effect UUID belongs to different effect 62646
no SQL string provided 25252
invalid angle provided 45173
could not get parcel info data 32453
could not get parcel info data 02188
no type provided 47350
unknown sift 64450
invalid feed provided 28353
already subscribed to feed 34869
no consumer key provided 32157
no consumer secret provided 40762
no access token provided 13399
no access token secret provided 55091
message too long 55051
could not post tweet 18672
unable to retrieve transactions 25119
unable to authenticate 54668
no transactions found 40491
no secret provided 41007
invalid date 21833
unable to reach events page 33381
unable to agree to ToS 54450
unable to get event identifier 44059
no time provided 63915
no duration provided 57196
no date provided 63597
no category provided 25003
no location provided 21718
unable to delete event 23926
no event identifier provided 08339
unable to retrieve form parameters 33994
too many characters for event description 53494
name may not contain HTML 58751
description may not contain HTML 54528
event posting rejected 21743
unable to revoke proposal 43671
unable to reject proposal 50003
unable to reach partnership page 56345
unable to post proposal 00303
unable to accept proposal 61983
too many characters for proposal message 31126
proposal rejected 34379
proposal already sent 43767
no proposal to reject 22119
message may not contain HTML 21106
no partner found 46612
unable to post divorce 41257
unable to divorce 58870
agent has been banned 31267
no estate powers for command 16927
unable to write file 21160
unable to read file 38278
unable to retrive data 19343
unable to process data 18737
failed rezzing root primitive 33047
failed rezzing child primitive 25329
could not read XML file 29530
SIML not enabled 40901
no avatars found 14989
timeout starting conference 42351
unable to start conference 41969
session not found 43898
conference member not found 22786
could not send message 46804
unknown mute type 55110
ban would exceed maximum ban list length 13491
agent is soft banned 32528
primitives already linked 05762
primitives are children of object 64420
primitives already delinked 10348
no position provided 23932
unknwon sound requested 01382
timeout getting folder contents 64423
transfer would exceed maximum count 15964
invalid item type 36616
no source specified 38945
classified not found 23716
pick not found 49113
timeout getting profile classified 22970
timeout getting profile pick 07168
could not retrieve pick 11979
could not retrieve classified 25420
invalid workers provided 61317
invalid schedules provided 23570
group not configured 09703
no database path provided 31868
no chatlog path provided 13030
group already configured 42140
eject needs demote 15517
no dialog specified 01488
no matching dialog found 55394
unable to serialize primitive 64179
platform not supported 58212
invalid asset 16233
nucleus server error 23123
timeout waiting for sensor 23114
could not set agent access 39921
unknown agent access 29947
unknown language 61492
invalid secret provided 38624
could not get parcel resources 58478
could not get land resources 62531
timeout getting parcel list 27910
could not update parcel list 53059
no history found 48110
no server provided 36675
invalid version provided 02021
timeout retrieving estate info 54956
script compilation failed 38271
unknown update type 01458
invalid permissions 38504
timeout rezzing primitive 41574
no peers matching context 54084
execution returned no result 32355
group synchronization failed 12408
unknown horde balancer 44537
no flags provided 33717
SQL execution failed 08169
general error 07703
could not get current outfit folder 60427
could not rebake 62753
no avatars provided 02087
too many characters for notice subject 20822
no notice provided 33821
SQL execution failed 08169
unable to post event 01691
no title provided 65241
default folder not found 58493
timeout receiving SIML response 46858
no SIML response received 07140
AI feature not enabled 21894
invalid offset 36121
invalid grab position 02432
could not retrieve attachments 16263
could not retrieve wearables 33714
text too long 00048
no host provided 08846
no topic provided 21296
MQTT publish failed 55755
no permission for parcel 50203

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