Nucleus is the web frontend to Corrade and is very similar to a hardware router interface.

Configuring Nucleus

When Corrade starts, it will automatically start Nucleus listening on the address and port 54377. Similarly, in case Corrade is unable to parse the XML configuration, Corrade will drop down into a configuration state where Nucleus will be launched to listen on the same address and port. It is left up to the administrator to manage and secure access to Nucleus - either via a firewall or a reverse proxy.

In some cases, when running multiple bots, it is desirable to run Nucleus on different ports for each instance of Corrade or to disable Nucleus entirely. Note that disabling Nucleus is a bad idea since it is the only means to act in case something goes wrong with your Corrade bot.

In order to configure Nucleus itself, Corrade bundles the file Nucleus.xml.default that can be copied or renamed to Nucleus.xml and then edited accordingly. When upgrading, only Nucleus.xml.default shall be overwritten such that your settings in Nucleus.xml will not be lost.

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