10 Auguest 2016

  • Release 9.111 - added.
conference (Commands)
TypeCorrade progressive command
DescriptionThe conference command can be used to create, list and get a list of members of conferences.
Parametersgroup, password, action
Last ChangesRelease 9.111 - added.

The conference command can be used to create, list and get a list of members of conferences.

Command Required Parameters Required Corrade Permissions Required Group Abilities Example
conference group, password, action talk
            // Create a conference with two
            // avatars including Corrade.
            "command", "conference",
            "group", wasURLEscape(GROUP),
            "password", wasURLEscape(PASSWORD),
            "action", "create",
            // The avatars to add to the conference.
            "avatars", wasURLEscape(
                        "Grim Reaper",
            "callback", wasURLEscape(URL)
Parameter Possible Value Sub Parameter Possible Value Meaning
action create avatars A CSV list of one or more avatars by name or UUID. Creates a new conference with the specified avatars. The command returns a CSV list of conference name by session UUID.
list Returns a CSV list of conference name by session UUID and by an indicator showing whether the session has been restored.
detail session A conference session UUID. Returns a CSV list of avatar names by avatar UUIDs that are members of the conference.


  • It is only possible to retrieve details on conference members (for instance, by setting action to detail and by passing a session UUID in session) if the conference has been created whilst Corrade has been online. You can check whether a conference was created while Corrade was online by setting action to list and reading groups of three and checking if the third column is set to True.
  • Creating a conference will not automatically send a message nor open up a pop-up box on any of the participants' viewers. In order to send a message to the conference you have created, you would use the tell command whilst setting the entity parameter to conference and passing the session UUID returned by this command.

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