PrimFS and PrimDrive was a very novel technology that was developed by Wizardry and Steamworks to address the lack of a database in Second Life. The problem that scripters often encounter in Second Life is that the need often appears to store persistent data which due to the constraints of the technology invariably leads to scripters using some database (MySQL, etc.) outside of Second Life. PrimFS and PrimDrive uses a bunch of clumped together in-world objects' description fields to store 127 characters per primitive. The invention is two-fold, PrimDrive is a software implementation of what would be the equivalent of a hard-drive and PrimFS is an implementation of a filesystem, both of which are designed very modular such that they can be extended. The project has even been presented to Oz Linden who started worrying about the amount of read/write cycles to the primitive description field.


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ALLEN KERENSKY The following pages elusively states "Not sure who first used this in SecondLife, but PPMA is my own design and implementation for an extended database based on prim storage."


Quickcollar was an implementation of a RLV collar that took a different approach than OpenCollar - the project was intended for quick use without any permanent masters or ulterior commitments.


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ischezaya Resident SL Marketplace Not only has this item been plagiarised, it is up for sale on the SecondLife Marketplace. Perhaps the most amusing part is that the description contains outright copy-pasted lines from the original development page Quickcollar. The item even has a positive review!


The Intercom system was invented by Wizardry and Steamworks and provided a solution that allowed grid-wide chat without having to use a group as the intermediary platform. The script was designed to maintain a synchronized list of URLs and then piped local chat through HTTP calls. The system sparked some interest in many role-play groups and at one point was used entirely by the StarGate community in SecondLife that used the project as a communication platform between different teams.


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Radionne Radionne Albeit controversial due to Lester/Pathfinder Linden (former Linden Lab employee) being involved and actively promoting the plagiarised project (now, renamed to "Radionne"), the creator, an avatar named "Vadrouille Zepp" states in a reply to a comment by someone knowing about our Intercom project: "I’ve been communicating with Wizardry about Radionne and she has absolutely no problems with it’s development and is actually shown as creator beside being involved at one point in porting it into other grids." all of which is made-up fiction since there are no members named "Wizardry", we have never spoken to this individual nor has there at any point any credit been given to either our members or the Wizardry and Steamworks group as the archived page shows - nor does the script depend on any external URL or service. . .

TipJars and Donation Jars

Wizardry and Steamworks created a series of tipjars and donation jars based on the LSL FUSS library introducing some novel concepts such as an ASCII progress bar, colour change on progress, and so on…

The donation / tipjar collection seems to be perhaps one of the most plagiarised of projects created by Wizardry and Steamworks with no compliance whatsoever to the GNU/GPL v3 license it carries. The plagiarism of these scripts is so intense that some of our members end up bumping into the donation jar scripts just by randomly teleporting to simulators.


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Zaahiiraa Resident archive Zaahiiraa Resident didn't even bother changing the original item, just took the item off marketplace, slapped a price on it and then resold it without any accreditation to Wizardry and Steamworks nor any compliance with any other GNU GPLv3 licensing terms. The item currently has very good reviews. There is absolutely no other contribution made by Zaahiiraa Resident over the original product.
Jules1979 Resident archive
Floating Tip Jar Color Changeable archive Stary Dreamscape, perhaps something got lost during the appropriation via CC-BY-CCCR process because the item seems to not be so well rated? Hmm, in any case the Please tip if you are so inclined text is a dead giveaway since only Wizardry and Steamworks bundles items with a stiff upper lip! :-) In any case, no credit, no source is released, etc…
Donation cookie Jar archive DelaRosa Glimmer, "Please donate if you are so inclined", please pay us some credit…
MG Designs Floating Tip Jar Box archive "Please donate if you are so inclined", Narcof Hax from MG Designs! Awesome job.

There are just so many.

Internet Toughguys

(10:51:09 PM) Corrade: Certified Lunasea [SL]: I'll look into the code in it and see if I can modify it, though there really should be a configuration option for this just as there was in previous versions.
(10:51:46 PM) tha: that is 2 days, 10GiB, 2 weeks, 70GIB
(10:51:52 PM) tha: the code is not available, the project is closed source as of C10
(10:52:07 PM) Corrade: Certified Lunasea [SL]: Yeah, if I gotta decompile I will.
(10:52:16 PM) tha: in that case you will be breaking the ToS
(10:52:24 PM) Corrade: Certified Lunasea [SL]: Can't be paying for massive numbers of unneccessary checks.
(10:52:43 PM) tha: and you can expect a DMCA
(10:52:47 PM) Corrade: Certified Lunasea [SL]: I already had to modify your HTML files to allow the bot to work.
(10:52:53 PM) Corrade: Certified Lunasea [SL]: Yeah, right.

All Our Content being Held Captive by Linden Lab

A few years back, it was decided that we would like to expand on our activities and branch out into various other domains, other than Second Life. In order to do so, we opened a ticket with Linden Lab and requested that our content be removed from the Second Life wiki. Maggie Linden answered, told us that she had talked to Fritz Linden about the issue and that we should proceed to mark our content such that the administrators of the wiki can remove it. We did as told and started tagging pages for deletion under the instructions of Maggie Linden. Unfortunately, multiple individuals such as Strife Onizouka decided to take it upon themselves to restore the pages as we were marking them for deletion as instructed by Maggie Linden - it went as far as creating an entire Linden Lab Jira page, demanding that our content not be deleted. We contacted Maggie Linden again, as a followup, letting her know that people have started reverting the marking and we are confused since we do not know what to do now. After several days, Maggie Linden told us that the administrators of the SecondLife wiki consider our content to be, citing "in a managed state", and that it will not be removed.

To this date (about 10 years away from our initial request), regardless of any current GDPR laws in effect, DMCA requests, European Articles, or any followup requests that have been made to have our content removed, our content is still present on the Linden Lab wiki (archived).


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