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Permission is granted to quote or reproduce parts or a whole article as long as a reference is made to either the Wizardry and Steamworks site:, and that appropriate credit is given to the respective authors. All our work, except where otherwise noted, is under the GPLv3 license and must be attributed to the Wizardry and Steamworks group. We sometimes publish under the MIT License or Creative Commons licenses in order to provide compatibility with other contributors.

Logos and Trademarks

The current logo, in-use by Wizardry and Steamworks is an original artwork of Wizardry and Steamworks and copyrighted with a non-opensource license. Its use without explicit permission from a Wizardry and Steamworks operator is thereby prohibited.

Previously Used Logos

The previously-used logos are placed here for historical reasons to identify the work of Wizardry and Steamworks.


All information provided on the Wizardry and Steamworks wiki, or any other wikis we are aware of, is redacted to the best ability of all its members. However, it is entirely possible that some information provided ranges from imprecise to outright broken. We do not take responsibility and there is no guarantee that this information is entirely correct.

Furthermore, Wizardry and Steamworks accepts no responsibility for any actions people may use this information for. Wizardry and Steamworks is a compendium of knowledge, wisdom, dreams and ideas. We neither advocate, condone nor participate in any sort of illicit behavior.

Lastly, it is important to mention that the ideas and opinions that may be expressed in these articles are the intellectual property of their owners and do not necessarily represent those of the Wizardry and Steamworks group.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this license, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please consult the contact page.


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