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 and put it along with all the scripts inside a primitive. and put it along with all the scripts inside a primitive.
 +====== Alternatives ======
 +Third-party viewer "​phantom"​ functionality that will lock Corrade in place such that the bot cannot be moved [[secondlife/​scripted_agents/​corrade/​projects/​in_world/​phantom_or_movelock|can be reproduced using a script]] inside a primitive or object worn by Corrade.
 ====== Index ====== ====== Index ======
 {{indexmenu>​secondlife/​scripted_agents/​corrade/​projects/​in_world/​sit_and_animate}} {{indexmenu>​secondlife/​scripted_agents/​corrade/​projects/​in_world/​sit_and_animate}}

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