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Wizardry and Steamworks Project-Closed and Open-Derivatives License 1.0 (WAS PC & OD 1.0)

Wizardry and Steamworks allows the use, commercial use, private use, copy, redistribution and sublicensing the Software without prior consent from Wizardry and Steamworks provided that attribution is granted in a visible and reasonable manner to Wizardry and Steamworks, no reverse-engineering is permitted of any distributed binaries or binaries of work licensed to Wizardry and Steamworks connected to the Software, no warranties are provided with the Corrade software nor with any other works related to the Software and that no warranties shall be implied whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the Software or the use of other dealings in the Software.

Permission is hereby granted to extend the WAS PC & OD, including its restrictions and limitations, to any material licensed to Wizardry and Steamworks, when the intent is to re-use material published by Wizardry and Steamworks, for creations or derivate works, that interact with or include Corrade as a component of those creations or derivate works, regardless of any other license or terms (GNU GPL, MIT, BSD, etc.) that may apply to the material licensed to Wizardry and Steamworks.



  • provide attribution,


  • modify binaries,
  • hold liable


  • modify source code,
  • use,
    • commercial use,
    • private use,
  • copy,
  • distribute,
  • sub-license,
  • re-license any other material created by the same company or organization, under this license (WAS PC & OD) and its limitations, regardless of any other licenses of the other material created by the same company, if it is more legally convenient to the beneficiary of the Software


Assuming that "the Software" is "Corrade" and "the company" is "Wizardry and Steamworks":

  • Corrade can be used commercially (including providing a commercial service) or privately provided that attribution is granted to Wizardry and Steamworks, Corrade binaries or binaries related to Corrade are not reverse-engineered and Wizardry and Steamworks is not to be held liable directly or indirectly for any damages.
  • Attribution can be granted in any "visible or reasonable manner" implying that any form of attribution, ranging from a visible textual mention, to the usage of Corrade-related logos (under the same source vs. binary restriction as Corrade) but not necessarily implying the redistribution of the WAS PC & OD as a text file as per other Open licenses, is valid under the license.
    • Hey, it's almost like MIT but without having to haul around text files! Credit Wizardry and Steamworks as you wish, provided it is visible and intelligible.
  • Source code (or assets, in source code format, such as SVG images) may be modified whilst binaries are final, immutable and reverse-engineering of binaries is prohibited.
  • The special clause regarding the extension of the WAS PC & OD to other material published by Wizardry and Steamworks, regardless of any other licenses that the material may have had, is informally a viral clause for the benefit of Corrade users. Its purpose is to allow persons to re-license any material (in binary and non-binary form, careful, it's recursively sound) to which Wizardry and Steamworks holds the license to if and only if the intent is to create works directly connected to Corrade.
    • One important and practical implication for a Corrade user is that GNU GPL clauses (especially, GNU GPL-like viral licenses) can be dismissed such that users can re-license GNU GPL code written by Wizardry and Steamworks without having to, as per GNU GPL, release their entire codebase. Notable examples may include wasURLEscape, wasCSVToList, etc. helper LSL functions, perhaps under a different license by Wizardry and Steamworks, that can be re-licensed to the WAS PC & OD if more convenient.
      • Conversely, when wasURLEscape, wasCSVToList, etc. helper LSL functions are used as part of a project that is not directly connected to Corrade, then the original license for the helper functions applies.
    • In the process of recursively dismissing other licenses in favor of the WAS PC & OD, when the works created by users are intended to be used with Corrade, a counter-inuitive but important invariant is that binaries may not be modified - in other words, iff. a user re-licenses source code to the WAS PC & OD then that source code may be modified by the user; conversely, a user may not re-license works belonging to Wizardry and Steamworks in binary form and then modify them.
    • The distinction between "may modify source code" and "cannot modify binaries" (binaries are final and immutable) also has implications on non-source code assets. For example images, logos, sounds, etc. re-licensed to the WAS PC & OD, may not be modified iff. they are in binary format. Conversely, if the assets are in source-code format (SVG, XML, etc) then they may be modified.
    • Corrade, the Software, cannot be reverse-engineered and binaries are final and immutable. Conversely, source-code assets that belong to Corrade, such as configuration files, cache files, documentation, etc. may be re-used and altered if re-licensed to the WAS PC & OD (provided, they are not in binary form).
  • There is no obligation on behalf of the beneficiary to disclose any source code but iff. source code is distributed then the source code is modifiable under the WAS PC & OD license. Binaries remain non-modifiable, final and immutable.

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