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 +====== Respec / Reskill Talent Points ======
 +Respec and reskill are apparently not implemented in this RPG which means that you will have to manually edit savegame files in order to respec or reskill yourself. Fortunately,​ the save game files are in XML files such that they provide a human readable overview of what you will be doing.
 +To respec or reskill your talent points, perform the following steps:
 +  - Save your current game and give the save an identifiable name, (ie: ''​RESKILL''​).
 +  - Locate your save game. All saved games should be under:
 +    * ''​C:​\Users\USERNAME\My Games\Tyranny''​
 +  - Open the file you stored in the first step (should be named after your character, ie: ''​John c06b63caebdb49398fd473578304a021 RESKILL.savegame''​) using an archiver that supports ZIP files.
 +  - Locate the ''​MobileObjects.save''​ file and open it with a text editor.
 +You will now have to use the text editor to find instances of the talent name. For instance, if it's "Staff Mastery I" that you want to remove, a good idea would be to look for "​Mastery"​ since the name will appear concatenated with underscores instead of spaces and may contain some other data (ie: ''​Staff_Mastery_I''​).
 +Since this is an XML file, you will find your talent within a sub-block in the XML structure, for example:
 +   <​Complex>​
 +      +
 +      |
 +      +---- ...
 +             +
 +             |
 +             +---- ... Staff_Mastery_I ...
 +      .
 +      .
 +      .
 +    </​Complex>​
 +You have to remove all instances of ''​Complex''​ blocks where the talent (in this case, ''​Staff_Mastery_I''​) appears.
 +Once you have removed all the ''​Complex''​ blocks, you could load the game but the game does not automatically pick-up the change and grant you the missing talent point for the talent you removed. You have to additionally add the corresponding number of talent points (one for each talent that you have removed) as unused talent points.
 +If you search for the string ''​TalentPoints'',​ you will find multiple occurrences - there will be one occurrence for you and all the others will be for all companions you have met in the game. Most likely, the very first occurrence is the one you will have to edit - although, if you wish to check, simply follow the XML hierarchy upward and you should meet a parent tag such as:
 +  * ''<​Simple name="​Parent"​ value="​Player_NewCharacter(Clone)_0"​ />''​ - the ''​Player''​ string indicates that the enclosing scope is for a real player (you).
 +  * ''<​Simple name="​Parent"​ value="​Comp_Defender(Clone)_1"​ />''​ - the ''​Comp''​ string indicates that the enclosing scope is for a companion you met in the game.
 +Now that you have located the ''​TalentPoints''​ string within the correct scope, you will find the following:
 +<code xml>
 +                    <​Item>​
 +                      <Simple value="​TalentPoints"​ />
 +                      <Simple type="​System.Int32,​ mscorlib"​ value="​0"​ />
 +                    </​Item>​
 +The ''​value=0''​ indicates the number of unspent talent points. To increase the number of unspent talent points allocated to the player you want to respec, change ''​0''​ to the number of points you want to grant.
 +Once your changes are complete, save the ''​MobileObjects.save''​ file into the zip file and you can load the save game.

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