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 +====== Get Assembly Version using PowerShell in Build Process ======
 +Team Foundation Services (TFS) by Microsoft generates its own internal build numbers that are unrelated to the product version you have setup for continuous integration. Fortunately,​ PowerShell can be used to execute a script on the build agent to retrieve the assembly version and then store the result in a variable that can be used for the rest of the build process.
 +As a case-example,​ say that as part of build process, you wanted to create a ZIP archive file that would then be uploaded to a server as part of your build or release cycle and that you would like the generated ZIP archive to contain the standard Microsoft version syntax.
 +A build process would look like the following:
 +Where the last few steps re:
 +  - PowerShell script,
 +  - Archive files,
 +  - Upload.
 +The PowerShell script step has ''​Type''​ set to ''​Inline Script'',​ the ''​Working folder''​ in ''​Advanced''​ is set to ''​$(Build.Repository.LocalPath)\MyProgram\bin''​ where ''​\MyProgram\bin''​ is the path on the TFS Agent where the program binaries are generated.
 +Finally, the ''​Inline Script''​ is the following:
 +<code powershell>​
 +$AssemblyVersion = (Get-Item .\MyProgram.exe).VersionInfo.FileVersion
 +Write-Host "##​vso[task.setvariable variable=AssemblyVersion]$AssemblyVersion"​
 +  * ''​MyProgram.exe''​ is the name of the executable from which the assembly version should be extracted.
 +The script sets a VSO variable named "​AssemblyVersion"​ that can then be referenced in ulterior steps. For instance, the ''​Archive files''​ build step in this example, will create a ZIP archive with ''​Archive file to create''​ set to ''​$(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\MyProgram-$(AssemblyVersion).zip''​.
 +This will generate a file such as ''​MyProgram-10.23.8754.3424.zip''​ that can then be further published via your setup distribution services.

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