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 +====== Fix Mouse Wheel Issues ======
 +Styx: Master of Shadows on the PC just ignores the mouse wheel which is required in order to be able to cycle through items.
 +To fix the issue, edit ''​My Documents\My Games\Styx\StyxGame\Config\StyxGame.ini''​ and append the following lines at the bottom of the file:
 +Bindings=(Name="​PageUp",​ Command="​InputItem_Left | OnRelease InputItem_Left_Release"​)
 +Bindings=(Name="​PageDown",​ Command="​InputItem_Right | OnRelease InputItem_Right_Release"​)
 +The lines will map the <​key>​Page Up</​key>​ and <​key>​Page Down</​key>​ to mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down respectively.
 +Alternatively,​ ''​PageUp''​ or ''​PageDown''​ can be changed to the name of any other desired key.

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