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 to ''​config/​config.inc.php''​. to ''​config/​config.inc.php''​.
 +====== Log Remote IP Address using Dovecot ======
 +Roundcube does not log IP addresses when it is set up to connect to Dovecot over loopback. The following guide will allow logging the remote browser IP via Dovecot ID whenever a user logs in using the Roundcube website.
 +  - Clone [[https://​github.com/​corbosman/​dovecot_ident|dovecot_ident]] to the Roundcube folder ''​plugins/'',​
 +  - Edit the Roundcube configuration ''​config/​config.inc.php''​ and add ''​dovecot_ident''​ to the list of plugins,
 +  - Edit ''/​etc/​dovecot.conf''​ and set the ''​login_trusted_networks''​ configuration parameter to ''​ ::​1'',​
 +  - Restart Dovecot.

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